The Scoop: Maureen Horan

Meet Maureen Horan, AKA fabulous Florida-based graphic designer & illustration master.
I was lucky enough to meet Maureen in college, having been in some of the same graphic design & film classes. Maureen’s endless talent and enthusiasm have been such an inspiration to me, not to mention her amazing design & illustration style. Maureen’s ability to mix both of those skills, makes her work so unique. See below for some of her work, and her Q&A with me. Check out Maureen’s portfolio here:





The Scoop: Melinda Josie

I’m so excited to have interviewed the incredibly talented illustrator, Melinda Josie, for
The Scoop. I had the great pleasure of getting to work with Melinda on a monthly food column for Real Simple Magazine called, Things Cooks Know. Melinda has a very beautiful watercolor-based approach to her work, and creates some of the most stunning and realistic food illustrations I have ever seen. Below are some pieces from her body of work, some columns of Things Cooks Know, and her Q&A with me.
See more of her incredible portfolio here:



The Scoop: Ruby Taylor

Hello creative world, meet Ruby Taylor. Ruby is a London-based illustrator, not to mention, one of my favorite illustrators. That being said, when I got the chance to work on an assignment with her for Real Simple Magazine, I was thrilled! (And maybe a little star-struck too!) Ruby’s style is very fun, playful, and whimsical in my option, and I absolutely love her unique pattern work. Below are some pieces from her amazing body of work, plus her Q&A with me.
Find more of her work at