content creators! Lizzie Darden

IMG_1758We live in such an interesting world right now, where digital content is on the rise, and we are inundated with visuals from morning to night, in communities that allow us to share to our heart’s content, and be exposed to art at all times. Speaking of things on the rise, the term, now well-known as “content creation,” has become so largely present. There are so many creatives making a living out of the creation of art & visuals for social channels. I’d say that about 80% of the influencers that I follow on Instagram are known as content creators, and I am absolutely loving what I am seeing, and so inspired every single day. I came across Lizzie Darden’s work a few years ago, and her portfolio just continues to get more conceptual, ingenious and just plain fun by the day. I absolutely love that she sells prints of her work in her Society 6 shop, and I just purchased this beauty. This is one of my favorite pieces of hers. I love the fact that she conceptualizes, styles, and shoots all of her content & assignments. Ironically, this basically sums up why I started Creative Saturdays. My love for content creation has grown leaps and bounds, and I look forward to styling and shooting content every weekend for this blog and for my personal Instagram account. It is all of these influencers, like Lizzie, that have inspired & encouraged me to start this project.

Here is Lizzie’s website, as well as her Society 6 shop:

Hightops & the best color


I’ve been waiting far too long for the perfect shade of hightop converse to come my way. Naturally, when I came across these babies, they were a must have! Can I pull off high tops? Who knows, but they certainly are a beautiful sight. What’s more fun than this color & one of the most classic shoes of all time?!

Knot & Bow


I am all about good branding. I think there is nothing better for a business than good design & branding. Naturally, when I came across Knot & Bow products, I was in love. Not only am I obsessed with their logo, branding and packaging design, but I absolutely love their products as well. They sell their products in multiple stores, and have a wonderful online store, but I was very excited to find out that they have a boutique in Brooklyn. I have yet to visit it, but can’t wait to go. The interiors of the Knot & Bow store are also so on point, stark whites with minimalistic design and a trendy Brooklyn vibe. These little confetti packets were too cute not to buy (they come in various color mixes), so I was so excited to make my first purchase from Knot & Bow. It’s always interesting to see good branding continued through the shipping & delivery presentation. Needless to say, Knot & Bow did not disappoint, and everything came packaged to perfection. I loved styling and shooting this, among some other fun Knot & Bow products, including some really fun confetti-filled balloons. Check out their online store at: