The Scoop: 23 & 9 Creative

Hello, creative world! I am super excited for the latest edition of, The Scoop, as it features one of the most inspirational designers (& amazing boss ladies!) that I know. I was lucky enough to meet Chelsea Kardokus at a calligraphy workshop in DUMBO Brooklyn, at an adorable paper store, Dabney Lee. I was mesmerized watching Chelsea effortlessly glide her pen across the paper, making out perfectly scripted typefaces. After chatting, we realized that we worked for the same company, both designers at different magazines at Time Inc. On top of being an art director, Chelsea has her own side business, creating beautiful branding for her variety of clients. I am so excited to share the Q&A that she did with me, as well as some of her work below, incluing mood boards, logo design & website design. Check out her website here:









The Scoop: Putri Febriana

Hello creative world, meet one of my favorite illustrators, Putri Febriana. I came across Putri’s work during my ongoing search for illustrators to commission for stories while I was a designer at Real Simple Magazine. When I found her work on Behance, I absolutely loved it and knew I had to work with her — the trick was waiting for the perfect story to come along. Putri’s work is really whimsical, bright, colorful, and fun. I especially love her use of pastel colors, pattern play, and attention to fine details in her work, all with a vector illustration style. I was stunned by her whole portfolio, but what stood out to me the most was a beach scene that Putri illustrated, filled with the tiniest little details of people on a beach. When a story for the Family section of Real Simple (all about planning family vacations) came up, I knew that the timing was right and that Putri would be perfect for the story. It was such a pleasure working with her, and you can imagine how excited I was that we would finally get to work on an assignment together. Below are some of my favorite pieces from Putri’s portfolio, her interview with me, and a sneak peak at the story that we worked on for the magazine. Check out more of her incredible work here: Enjoy!

People Series_Spring 25Mar15Web
People Series_Spring 25Mar15

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Here is the article that Putri worked on for Real Simple. Putri created the illustrations, and I designed the layout and art directed the section.



Q&A below:




The Scoop: Maureen Horan

Meet Maureen Horan, AKA fabulous Florida-based graphic designer & illustration master.
I was lucky enough to meet Maureen in college, having been in some of the same graphic design & film classes. Maureen’s endless talent and enthusiasm have been such an inspiration to me, not to mention her amazing design & illustration style. Maureen’s ability to mix both of those skills, makes her work so unique. See below for some of her work, and her Q&A with me. Check out Maureen’s portfolio here:





The Scoop: Melinda Josie

I’m so excited to have interviewed the incredibly talented illustrator, Melinda Josie, for
The Scoop. I had the great pleasure of getting to work with Melinda on a monthly food column for Real Simple Magazine called, Things Cooks Know. Melinda has a very beautiful watercolor-based approach to her work, and creates some of the most stunning and realistic food illustrations I have ever seen. Below are some pieces from her body of work, some columns of Things Cooks Know, and her Q&A with me.
See more of her incredible portfolio here:



The Scoop: Ruby Taylor

Hello creative world, meet Ruby Taylor. Ruby is a London-based illustrator, not to mention, one of my favorite illustrators. That being said, when I got the chance to work on an assignment with her for Real Simple Magazine, I was thrilled! (And maybe a little star-struck too!) Ruby’s style is very fun, playful, and whimsical in my option, and I absolutely love her unique pattern work. Below are some pieces from her amazing body of work, plus her Q&A with me.
Find more of her work at


The Scoop: Mister Justin Delgado

Meet Justin Delgado, AKA @misterjustindelgado. Justin is one of the creatives that I have had the pleasure of getting to know. The Southern California-based graphic design master, pastel genius, and Disneyland wanderer, sat down with me to give us a glimpse into his colorful world. Pictured below is the master himself, and some of his work – plus his Q&A with me.




“The Scoop” Logo


Hello friends! As I mentioned, I am launching a new series for Creative Saturdays, called “The Scoop.” I’ll be interviewing and featuring other creatives, but have been working on developing the design theme for it. I came up with the idea of naming it, “The Scoop,” so that it had dual-meaning, and I’d be able to play off of the ice cream idea (since that seems to be a theme with me!). Here is what I cam up with, and I am also developing a type treatment, so more to come on that!

Coming Soon: The Scoop


I’m very excited to launch a new franchise for the Creative Saturdays blog called, “The Scoop.” I’ll be interviewing and featuring other creatives that inspire me, and sharing some of their work with you. Launching soon!